Hiring A Web Developer For Your Business

Every business needs an official website.


Imagine yourself rowing a boat with an oar.

Will you get to your destination? Yes.

Now, imagine yourself on a boat without an oar.

Business and technology are now the boat and the oar in this highly-competitive world, both needed in order to stand out from the crowd and get a significant edge over competitors.

This is why it’s important for your business to have a website, serving as your oar to success. The only question is: How do you start?

Well, you need to hire a wood carver – a web developer – to help you make an oar for your boat.

That being said, here are some things to consider before hiring a web developer for your business:

Will you get to your destination? No.

Experience: Creating a website for your business is not just some project you can give to anyone. A web developer should be experienced in the skillset you require, a strong indicator that he/she can deliver results based on what your business needs to have.

Portfolio: A web developer should be able to provide a concrete evidence of his/her skills, which comes in the form of a portfolio. In addition, this is one way of determining if the skills he/she mentioned upon applying for the job are enough to make your business stand out.

Willingness to Learn: One should not just have the experience and the skills, but also the willingness to learn more about his/her craft as he/she works on a project. A web developer should also be ready and flexible enough to learn things outside his/her niche.

Understanding: A web developer should be able to meet you halfway, with a deep understanding of what’s required from him/her. He/she should also understand that some days are just not good, which takes a lot of patience for him/her to continue doing his/her best.

Response-Time: You can tell a lot about someone through his/her responsiveness, specifically how long it takes for him/her to respond. A web developer should be able to respond accordingly, especially if there are issues to be fixed right away.

How about you? What is your criteria in hiring a web developer for your business?