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Fastest website ever. One of my problem is the loading speed of the website. Arman solved it by creating a new website for me. Thanks Arman.

The site is fabulous and Arman always responded to my (many) questions extremely quickly and professionally. I will have no hesitation in Arman looking after all of our needs in the future.

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Easy-to-talk to, clear and precise when it comes to setting goals for the project, prompt and detailed when it comes to updates and changes. What more can you wish for?

Trisha Anne Ymbang

Arman Cuison

Web Developer

Hello! I’m working remotely on projects for clients all over the world.

I’m Arman Cuison, a web developer in Davao City.

I consider myself an expert when it comes to creating websites, having years of experience with it for 10 years now. Because of this, most of my clients come back for another project and the satisfying feeling within as I help them reach their goals continue to inspire me to give every inch of my best in this field – in turn, helping my clients to become even more successful with their businesses.

It’s so easy to get started on a project without actually THINKING about it.

Why is it even important? Simple: You want results.

How do you get results? By creating an effective website that achieves the business goals as well as the website visitor goals.

How do you create effective websites? It starts with strategizing and really THINKING about everything in context.

How often do you research the competitors of the business to see what they are doing well online?

How often do you determine the various goals of the businesses without being influenced by what the business owner or representative tells you?

How often do you really think of the goals for the website visitor?

What People I've Worked With Say About Me

"Arman is a talented and skilled person. He goes beyond his duty in doing what is needed to accomplish. Sadly my business closed and we can't keep a great developer like Arman. I would recommend Arman to anyone who needs a talented web developer."
Arman is a good person and was able to do all WordPress UI and functionality tasks that was given to him. He can work on design and functionality bugs including change requests. I would recommend Arman for your next or existing projects.